Document your memories this year!

You love your pictures. You WANT to be a good memory keeper. And you might be feeling a little guilty for what’s not being done with your pictures. Creating just one yearbook this year could be the very thing that makes you feel not only accomplished and productive as a memory keeper, but absolutely liberated because it CAN happen in as little as 10 minutes a week! If you don’t do ANY other memory keeping of any kind ever, THIS yearbook would be absolutely sufficient and you would get ALL the points for being a successful documenter. Whether you prefer physical product or digital or the app … we’re covering it all. No matter your relationship status … no matter if you have kids … no matter your age or phase of life … creating a yearbook is going to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life.

  • Videos + Worksheets

    12 videos with Becky + friends. 8 worksheets to guide you.

  • Self-Paced

    Get through it all in 2 hours or spread it out over time — totally up to you!

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    Receive weekly inspiration from Becky in your inbox throughout 2019.

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    Interact with other like-minded documenters in the course!

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Course Curriculum

  • Introduction

    Video 1 - Why Creating a Yearbook Matters

  • Lesson 1 - How to be Successful in Making a Yearbook

    Video 1 - Success Through Having a Vision
    Video 2 - Success Through Preparation
    Worksheet 1 - My Yearbook Plan
    Worksheet 2 - My Yearbook Progress (Sunday start)
    Worksheet 3 - My Yearbook Progress (Monday start)

  • Lesson 2 - Step-by-Step, Throughout the Year

    Video 1 - Physical Project Life Workflow
    Video 2 - Digital Project Life Workflow
    Video 3 - Project Life App Workflow
    Video 4 - Printing Pages & Photo Books
    Worksheet 1 - Physical Project Life Workflow
    Worksheet 2 - Digital Project Life Workflow
    Worksheet 3 - Project Life App Workflow

  • Lesson 3 - What to Include in the Yearbook

    Video 1 - What to Document
    Video 2 - Journaling Tips
    Worksheet 1 - Tips for Documenting

  • Lesson 4 - Going Back & Catching Up

    Video 1 - Making Up Missed Time During the Year
    Video 2 - Making Up Missed Past Years
    Video 3 - You’ve Got this!
    Worksheet 1- Catching Up on Past Years

About Becky Higgins

I’m really just a girl trying to cultivate a good life and help others in their quest to do the same. My 23-year career in memory keeping includes more teaching than I can quantify in the form of in-person classes, online classes, published articles and books, blog posts, social media, and our podcast, Cultivate a Good Life. I’m an accidental entrepreneur but more importantly, I’m a wife, mother to 3, and friend to many.
About Becky Higgins


  • How long do I have to complete the course?

    You’ve got as long as you need! The great news is you’ll have unlimited access to the content so you can go at your own pace and come back at any time for a refresher.

  • Do I have to be logged into the classroom at a certain time to participate in lessons?

    Our goal is to make this as easy for you as possible - we know everyone’s schedule is different and time zones aren’t always kind when it comes to allowing us the ability to connect in “real time”. For that reason, all lessons in this course are self-paced and available to you from the day the class is released! No need to worry that you’ll miss a lesson because you aren’t available ... the content will be here when you are.

  • I’ve already created yearbooks. Will there be any value in this class for me?

    Oh you bet! You can have years of yearbook making experience and we still think you’ll love the insights that are shared in this class. Becky + friends get very detailed in the sharing — from philosophy to documenting tips to workflow and hands-on demonstrations.

  • Is the class specific to using physical product, digital, or the app?

    Yes! ; ) We cover it ALL, so no matter your method of choice, there are videos and worksheets and information and tips and inspiration for YOU!

  • Can I download the class videos to my computer or mobile device?

    The videos for the class are protected within the site and available for viewing whenever you’re logged into your account on your computer or mobile device. While you will not be able to download them, you will have access to them indefinitely so you can review the content whenever you need to.

  • I would love to give this class as a gift. Is that possible?

    Yes! Simply purchase the course with your billing info at checkout, but make sure to set everything up through your recipient's email address so they receive the email notifications that they've been enrolled in the course! Contact if you need assistance!

  • If I purchase the course and later decide that I don’t want it or that it’s not my “cup of tea,” can I get a refund?

    Once you purchase our course, we are not able to take it back. It’s yours forever... 😉 No worries, you will have as much time as you need to take this class. We will answer any question you feel you didn’t get answered and we will work with you. Bottom line: if you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t satisfied.

  • I’ve read through the FAQs and still have a question - who can I ask for help?

    We’re here for you! Simply email and we’ll do our best to get back to you within 48 hours. We also have a private Facebook group!! As part of the class, you’ll have access to this exclusive group where you can ask questions, share your “lightbulb moments”, chat with other students and connect with the BH Classroom team.