Regardless of how many classes you’ve taken, how many ideas you’ve absorbed, and how inspired you really DO feel about memory keeping, the roadblocks still exist. You may feel overwhelmed, confused, or just plain stuck. Perhaps you have a specific memory-keeping project in mind — or maybe a few different projects. Or it’s possible you have no idea WHAT you want to do and you’d like some expert advice on how to get dialed in on that, and how to accomplish whatever you have in mind. Regardless of your questions or hurdles, we are THRILLED to offer one-on-one memory-keeping mentoring sessions! Note: Becky personally offers mentoring via live sessions that are shared for all who are in the “Record it with Becky” membership so that’s where THAT happens. For a PRIVATE, one-on-one coaching option tailored specifically for YOU, Karli is Becky’s right-hand woman in the work and has been personally trained by Becky to mentor you in memory keeping. Karli is deeply experienced (20 years!) and ready to listen + to mentor you through your memory-keeping stumbling blocks. After a mentoring session with Karli, you will be enlightened, empowered, and ready to accomplish your specific memory-keeping goals!
  • Session Length Options

    Sign up for a 30-minute or 60-minute session.

  • Private

    Your session is between you + Karli and won’t be shared with anyone else.

  • Collaborative

    We specialize in asking the right questions and truly listening so we can offer customized counsel.

What You'll Get

  • A 30-minute or 60-minute virtual session with Karli, depending on which option you choose

  • The undivided attention from a memory-keeping expert with LOADS of experience and knowledge in all things documenting, who has been trained by Becky Higgins

  • Karli will ask a series of questions and listen intently, which will lead her to share very tailored counsel, advice, and tips for YOUR memory-keeping goals

  • While your session is with Karli, it’s worth noting that Becky will be accessible to both you and Karli if at any point you both feel it’s necessary to get her input

  • Actual demonstration of Project Life App tips if needed … as needed

  • Personalized Q&A: Ask Karli ANYthing. No question is a dumb question!

  • Accountability. By the end of the call, you will be clear on the next steps and invited to return & report to Karli on your progress after the call.

  • By the end of the call, you will be enlightened, empowered, and ready to accomplish your specific memory-keeping goals!

About Karli

Karli Cleaver lives in rural Eastern Oregon. She has degrees in Communications & Health Science, and is a certified creation coach. Karli has been an avid memory keeper for over 20 years, and is passionate about recording stories. She has been trained by Becky Higgins in this space and is a firm believer in the mantras, “done is better than perfect,” and “something is better than nothing.” She loves people + connection. She finds great joy in listening to and helping others take action in their own memory keeping goals, encouraging them along the way. Karli enjoys walking outside at sunrise + sunset, reading a good book, building relationships (no small talk here, please!), tacos + chocolate shakes, and especially time creating memories with her husband Zac and their 4 sons.
About Karli


After reviewing everything here and reviewing these points, you should have a good sense as to whether or not this is something that feels right for you now.

  • WHO — If you feel like one-on-one, personalized support is what it might take to catapult you toward the memory-keeping success you want to see, this is for you.

  • WHAT — Memory keeping support / advice / tips … tailored specifically for YOU and whatever YOU’re working on (or want to work on) … received through a one-on-one session with Karli. Choose 30 minutes or 60 minutes.

  • WHEN — As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive a calendar invitation to choose your preferred day and time.

  • WHERE — The coaching sessions happen via Zoom, which you can access via computer or phone or whatever device you want. Karli will send you the link before your session.

  • WHY — Because you are SO READY to finally take action and see success and get your memory-keeping project(s) off the ground + completed once and for all … and you don’t want to feel overwhelmed about how to do it anymore!

  • HOW — Click the button below and choose your session length. Once you’re signed up, you’ll automatically receive instructions on how to get on Karli’s schedule.

Pricing options

Select your choice of either a 30-minute session for $45.00 or a 60-minute session for $60.00.


  • Q: How does the mentoring work?

    A: When you sign up, you will receive instructions on how to choose a specific day and time that works for you. Once you are on Karli’s schedule, she will send you a Zoom link. When that appointment time arrives, you click on the link and have your one-on-one session with Karli. She will ask you some questions to get clear on what you have in mind, or where you’re feeling stuck and the entire conversation will be back-and-forth, ultimately leading you to feeling so much more clear about how to achieve the goals you have in your memory keeping.

  • Q: How is this different than the mentoring sessions that Becky offers in the “Record it with Becky” membership?

    A: Those mentoring sessions are published and available indefinitely for anyone and everyone in the membership (private Instagram page) to see. They are usually shorter as well. A one-on-one mentoring session with Karli is 100% private — kept between the two of you — and offered for a full 30 minutes or 60 minutes, depending on how much time you think you need.

  • Q: Are there any topics that you don’t cover through this mentoring?

    A: If it has to do with memory keeping, we got you. That said, we don’t claim to be experts in every single angle, so if you’re not sure if we’re equipped to help with your specific questions / hurdles / projects, feel free to send a BRIEF email to [email protected] and ask. Karli will let you know if she can mentor you or if she might point you in another direction.

  • Q: If I’m brand new to memory keeping altogether, will I be lost?

    A: We recommend taking the Documenting 101 mini course to get some foundational information and philosophy in your back pocket. It’s not required but highly recommended — even before signing up to be mentored.

  • Q: If I’m super seasoned in my documenting, will I even benefit from this experience?

    A: You can be super seasoned and still have moments of feeling stuck. Sometimes getting insights + support from an outsider can be exactly what you need to get un-stuck. We’re huge memory-keeping cheerleaders around here, and you’ll love feeling supported and enlightened by Karli in whatever project you want to talk through.

  • Q: Will I be able to access Becky through this mentoring?

    A: Signing up for a private mentoring session will connect you with Karli, who will be your mentor. She has been personally guided and trained by Becky for a lot of years and is highly equipped and qualified to help you. That said, if at any point you both decide that Becky should be pulled in on any particular detail, she will be absolutely available to contribute to the conversation.

  • Q: I have a question (that’s not listed here) and would love to hear from someone on the BH team.

    A: Super! We’d love to hear from you! Email [email protected] and we’ll help you out.