Course Description

You have a burning desire to be really successful in your memory keeping. You want to take incredible pictures with your phone. You want completed pages, full albums, printed books. You want to finally get that one project done, once and for all. You want to feel more organized and less overwhelmed. This is your chance to get inside the mind of a lifelong memory keeper who has been practicing what she preaches for more than 27 years — and has plenty of albums, photo books, and videos to show for it. In this first-time-ever membership experience, Becky will give you the behind-the-scenes inside look at every aspect of recording those precious memories. In real time … on a regular basis … and 100% in the private Instagram group, you’ll have a front row seat to a constant flow of inspiration and more demonstration than any other workshop Becky has ever done! This unique and interactive experience is the best thing we’ve released since the Project Life app!
Course Description
  • Let’s goooo!

    It’s happening right now. Join TODAY!

  • Short + Sweet

    Content will be shared in small + digestible increments

  • Private Community

    You will be a part of our PRIVATE Instagram group where you can connect with others who are in this shared experience

  • Interactive

    Ask your questions! Get Becky’s personalized answers! Enjoy community discussion!

  • Playback

    All content on this private Instagram page will be accessible indefinitely, so you can watch everything back as long as you have a subscription

  • Value-packed!

    For only $15/month, you’ll receive so much more value than what you pay

What You'll Get

  • A regular flow of inspiration on a private Instagram page. Becky will share valuable + helpful content at least 2-3 times a week

  • Exclusive content will be shared in the form of pictures, videos, graphics, facilitated conversations, community ideas, and IG Lives.

  • Frequent how-to demonstrations on how Becky takes, edits, and organizes her pictures.

  • Inside tips + insights on how Becky decides what to focus on — any why — and how she juggles several ongoing projects at any given time.

  • Anything new Becky learns or new projects she takes on, it’ll all be shared in real time.

  • Tips + tricks for Instagram sharing since this is a form of memory keeping, too!

  • Access to Becky. She will have regular Q&A sessions and be responsive on the private Instagram page.

  • A look inside every kind of memory keeping project Becky has done + is doing.

  • Details and workflow tips around her various projects — albums, photo books, videos, and more.

About Becky

I do my best to live my tagline — Cultivate a good life and record it! I believe in embracing ever-evolving ways to do that, and I love helping others in their quest to do this in their own way, in their own life. My 27-year career includes limitless teaching in the form of in-person classes, online classes, speaking, published articles and books, blog posts, social media, and a podcast, “Cultivate a Good Life”. I’m a passionate memory keeper, have a knack for organizing, a love for travel, I’ve never met a hiking trail I didn’t love, and I’m always game for a hit of chocolate. I find my greatest growth experiences and joy with my husband, David, and our 3 kids who are currently 14, 17, and 20.
About Becky


After reviewing everything here on the course page and reviewing these points, you should have a good sense as to whether or not this is something that feels for you right now.

  • WHO — If you have an interest in doing some kind of memory keeping this year, whether you are seasoned or not at all … this will be an inspiring experience for you!

  • WHAT — You will be inspired in how to record and preserve your memories (and your heart!) as you move through the year. Through the variety of sharing that Becky will do, you’ll be dialed in on taking action for yourself, for your life, in your way.

  • WHEN — It’s happening right now and it’s ongoing. Sign up TODAY!

  • WHERE — Content will be shared entirely on a private Instagram page. You will know how to get it when you purchase your subscription. **Note: If you don't receive the emailed instructions be sure to check your email's spam folder or email us at for assistance.

  • WHY — Because you want some peace of mind knowing that you’re going to record memories like a boss AND you will feel empowered and equipped to know HOW to do it in a way that is attainable and FUN!

Get in now for only $15/month!

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  • Q: How does the subscription work?

    A: When you sign up, your credit card is automatically charged for the first month, and $15 is charged every month. This fee gives you access to the private Instagram account where 100% of the content is shared. With the monthly subscription, you are welcome to cancel at any time (at which time we’ll stop the monthly charge) but if you do, you will be removed from the private Instagram account … which means you’ll no longer have access to the content. You can always sign up again, but you’ll be subject to the pricing at that time.

  • Q: How is this different than the Documenting 101 mini course?

    A: Documenting 101 is an excellent overview of all things documenting and gets you thinking about everything philosophically and from a big-picture vantage point. The content is highly “produced” and packaged up to be very inspirational and encouraging in a scripted sort of way. Lots of fresh perspective. I HIGHLY recommend going through that mini course. This membership experience is more about an ongoing flow of hands-on demonstration. Nothing is scripted; it all happens in real time.

  • Q: Am I required to watch things live at specific times?

    A: Nope! Sometimes Becky will go live (ideally with advance notice) but even then, you don’t have to watch it live because it will be saved on the private Instagram page for you to watch it at your convenience.

  • Q: If I’m brand new to memory keeping altogether, will I be lost?

    A: We highly recommend taking the Documenting 101 mini course to get some foundational information and philosophy in your back pocket. We want you to join us in this membership experience! Becky’s approach to recording and sharing memories is truly so easy + attainable + requires no creativity or prior experience … so if you have little or no memory keeping experience, you’re going to be just fiiiiine.

  • Q: If I’m super seasoned in my documenting, will I even benefit from this experience?

    A: We like to say “You’ll find what you’re looking for!” If you’re looking to be inspired … looking for ideas + encouragement + cool tips … you’ll find it in this membership. Becky’s never quite shared like this before — so much behind-the-scenes insight, and on a regular basis. We think you just may be inspired in ways you aren’t expecting.

  • Q: Will I be able to ask Becky specific questions?

    A: Yes! Becky will be actively engaged on the private Instagram page and will do regular Q&A sessions. Part of the magic also comes from the interactive community engagement. Some of the best ideas may come from others who are there, sharing this membership experience WITH you!

  • Q: How do I be sure I don’t miss anything?

    A: As soon as you purchase your spot you’ll receive an email that tells you how to get into the private Instagram page. You can even turn on notifications to be alerted each time a new piece of content is published (but you don’t have to). It’s all there on the private page for you to enjoy at your convenience.

  • Q: I have a question (that’s not listed here) and would love to hear from someone on the BH team.

    A: Super! We’d love to hear from you! Email and we’ll help you out.


  • “Becky’s passion for documenting (and doing it in a way that works for YOU, not necessarily everyone else) is AMAZING! She will inspire you and show you how to document so, so easily so that you can save your stories for years to come.” @sosi1221

  • “I have taken Becky’s recorded classes before and thoroughly enjoyed them. Doing a live course just added to that enjoyment. It was the BEST to get some of her unscripted knowledge, tips, humor, heart, and passion for documenting! Can’t wait for her next live class!” @gretchenhas

  • “This brought me back after years of ignoring documenting! Your enthusiasm, engagement, energy and authenticity excited and inspired me to jump back in and actually accomplish something doable.” @tashasunny