Course Description

You’ve got a loved one serving a mission right now for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or they recently served … or they’ll soon be serving … or YOU recently served!). There are emails + pictures … and there is also likely a sense of overwhelm in thinking about what to DO with these memories and how to preserve this precious record of such a profound experience! This workshop provides practical solutions, inspiration, and peace of mind. You will learn how to put together a mission book that will be treasured for generations. The workshop will be held April 12-14. Here’s how it will work: As soon as you purchase your spot, you will automatically receive an email with specific instructions on how to join the private Instagram group that has been set up for this workshop. On April 12, 13, and 14 Becky will go live each day at 12:00 noon Eastern / 9:00 am Pacific. She will share + SHOW the details of everything she’s personally doing with her own missionary son’s emails / photos / memories. There will be loads of tips + tricks, common-sense workflow ideas, community input, and plenty of time for questions and answers. You are welcome to watch the content live or catch it later! As long as you’ve purchased your spot by the end of April 17, you’ll have full access to everything — the Lives as well as additional content that is shared in the private group — through the end of July 2022.
Course Description
  • Let’s goooo!

    This is happening April 12-14, 2022!

  • Daily Hangout with Becky

    There will be an Instagram Live on each of the 3 days at 12:00 noon Eastern.

  • Private Community

    You will connect with others who are in the private Instagram group.

  • Interactive

    Ask your questions! Get Becky’s personalized answers! Enjoy community discussion!

  • Playback

    All content will be accessible through the end of July, so you can watch everything back until then.

  • So Much Inspiration!

    Be ready to take notes because the inspiration will flow!

What You’ll Get

  • 3 to 5 hours of live + virtually interactive group time with Becky and others in this private online community experience

  • Exclusive content via Instagram Lives, posts, pictures, community ideas, and how-to demonstrations each day

  • A comprehensive and detailed look inside Becky’s memory keeping for her son’s mission album that she’s actively adding to

  • Detailed tutorials on related things like how Becky manages her son’s missionary Instagram account + how she keeps everything that he’s sharing organized + backed up for the long haul

  • Lots of Q&A about all things mission memory keeping

  • Access to the private Instagram page through the end of July, allowing you to go back and revisit and rewatch everything that is shared during the week

About Becky

I am a missionary mom! My son, Porter, is currently serving an LDS mission in Argentina. Also, memory keeping has been my passion + area of expertise for a very long time. My 25-year career includes limitless teaching in the form of in-person classes, online classes, speaking, published articles and books, blog posts, social media, and a podcast, “Cultivate a Good Life”. I’m a passionate documenter, have a knack for organizing, a love for travel, I’ve never met a hiking trail I didn’t love, and I’m always game for a hit of chocolate. I find my greatest growth experiences and joy with my husband, David, and our 3 teenagers.
About Becky

Is this online learning experience for you?

After reviewing everything here on this page, you should have a good sense as to whether or not this is something that feels for you right now.

  • WHO — If you have a loved one currently serving a mission (or they recently returned from serving or they’re ABOUT to begin their mission!) or if you have recently served a mission yourself … this will be an inspiring week for you!

  • WHAT — Becky will share her entire workflow of what she’s doing with Porter’s mission memories, including how his weekly emails + photos are being made into a book, what the pre-mission memory keeping looks like, how she’s maintaining his missionary Instagram account, and how it’s ALL being organized + backed up for added insurance.

  • WHEN — Tuesday April 12, Wednesday April 13, and Thursday April 14, 2022. Instagram Lives will happen daily at 12:00 noon Eastern but you do NOT have to be present for the lives in real-time. Those can all be watched back, and as many times as you want, through the end of July.

  • WHERE — This happens entirely on a private Instagram page. You will know how + when to follow when you purchase your spot in this workshop. Follow the emailed instructions exactly.

  • WHY — Because you want the peace of mind that comes from doing something with those mission pictures, stories, and experiences. You want to know how to do it in a way that is easy, quick, attainable, and classic!

  • HOW — Reserve your spot in the workshop, on this page … right now! Do this BEFORE we begin on April 12 for the best possible experience, and the opportunity CLOSES on April 17.

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  • “I feel like Becky is our biggest cheerleader in documenting our lives. Her workshops are so personal and inspiring and taught from Becky’s heart. She lives and breathes what she teaches.” @rkclevenger

  • “I have taken Becky’s recorded classes before and thoroughly enjoyed them. Doing a live course just added to that enjoyment. It was the BEST to get some of her unscripted knowledge, tips, humor, heart, and passion for documenting! Can’t wait for her next live experience!” @gretchenhaskell

  • “Your enthusiasm, engagement, energy, and authenticity excited and inspired me to jump back in and actually accomplish something doable.” @tashasunny


  • Q: Do I need prior documenting / memory keeping experience?

    A: Not at all! It’s worth noting that the Documenting 101 mini course is very foundational and would be helpful to go through before you participate in this live workshop, but not mandatory. It’s only $20 and takes just 45 minutes to get through the whole thing.

  • Q: I’m interested in preserving memories for a mission that happened a long time ago — for myself or a loved one. Will you cover that?

    A: Going back to mission memories that took place many years ago is really its own topic because the approach would be a little different, particularly if there are physical photos, handwritten letters, etc. Becky will not be covering that in this workshop (hopefully at a later time) but you may still benefit from what’s covered in this experience.

  • Q: I’m interested in doing some memory keeping for a mission experience, but it wasn’t a full-time LDS mission like you’re describing. Is this workshop for me?

    A: Becky will be pretty specific with the LDS mission experience because there are a lot of people looking for that kind of specific help. That said, some people who have seen Becky share about mission memory keeping have noted that they were really inspired and simply adapted the tips + ideas to their own unique mission trip / experience.

  • Q: Will there be one-on-one support like she did in the prior coaching experience?

    A: This will not be a general coaching experience. This is workshop on a specific topic — mission memory keeping. There will be lots of Q&A and Becky will address a lot of things that come up from those in the private group, but there won’t be the “shared screen coaching” that happens in the documenting coaching experiences.

  • Q: I was in the “Documenting in 2022” workshop in January and Becky did a segment on mission memory keeping. How will this be different?

    A: Great question! In that workshop, Becky shared about 10 different documenting projects. One of those segments was on this topic of mission memory keeping. It’s a 45-minute segment and basically served as a broad overview of what Becky’s doing to preserve Porter’s mission memories. In THIS workshop, the ONLY topic covered is mission memory keeping, which means we’re going deeper, more comprehensive, and Becky will have time to address all the specific questions that are brought up during this workshop. She’s also covering topics she has not yet shared — including how she maintains an Instagram account for Porter’s mission and how she keeps his weekly emails organized + backed up.

  • Q: I can’t be there for the Instagram Lives each day. Can I watch those later? And how can I be sure to not miss anything?

    A: Absolutely! Being there live would be amazing because you can actively participate … but this is not required. You can totally watch those live sessions back at your convenience, and before all the content goes away at the end of July. How to not miss anything: As soon as you purchase your spot you’ll receive an email that tells you how to get into the private Instagram page with very easy + specific instructions. As long as you follow those instructions, you’ll be added to the group and informed about how to not miss out.

  • Q: What do I need for this workshop?

    A: You NEED to be sure the Instagram app is downloaded to your mobile device. Instagram is the only way to access what’s being shared in this workshop. 100% of the content will be in our private group there. If you don’t already have an account, it’s easy and free to sign up, even if you don’t plan to continue with Instagram after this workshop. I also highly recommend that you have a notebook and pen handy for taking notes as you’re feeling inspired. We have great options in our shop —

  • Q: Do you offer refunds?

    A: We do not. Once you pay for this experience, it’s yours — and we invite you to enter into the experience with an open mind. In doing so, we believe you will be inspired and totally get your money’s worth. ; )

  • Q: I have a question (that’s not listed here) and would love to hear from someone on the BH team.

    A: Super! We’d love to hear from you! Email and we’ll help you out.